Our People

Meet Our Onsite Team

Your Onsite Dream Team

At The Astley, we love introductions. Part of what we’re hoping makes your time here so special is the chance to meet new people; to create new friendships. Our onsite team are here to help nurture our community, as well as being your all-important go-to-guys if you need any help. And because we love introductions, allow us to get the ball rolling as we invite you to meet the team…

Zac and Rebecca are your Resident Services Managers here, but you can call them RSMs if you want!

Meet Zac

Zac is an RSM that brings a wealth of experience from the residential sector. He’s seen how badly things can be done. That’s why he’s determined to do things differently at The Astley; to make sure you have everything you need as conveniently as possible.

He really wants to hear your ideas too. The Astley is an incredible building, but what our team want to create inside is going to be second-to-none. And it’s going to be shaped by you if Zac has anything to do with it. Seriously – you can talk to Zac about anything.

If he doesn’t get the chance to switch jobs with Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi (sorry Zac, it’s not going to happen), he won’t have any complaints. You can’t sample the delights of Rudy’s pizza or the Port Street Beer House in Turin or Barcelona, after all.

And it’d mean leaving Manchester too; a place where Mancunians look after their own; no matter if you’re new to the city or been here your whole life. We’ll strive to look after our own too – creating something genuinely authentic and amazing you with what we do.

Loving life here in his adoptive hometown, Zac is a chap you can depend on and he won't ever clock off without knowing that all our residents at The Astley are feeling good.

Meet Rebecca

If there’s one thing Rebecca wants above all else for our residents, it’s the best possible experience while living here. You may not always see all the work that goes on behind the scenes to make that happen, but that won’t ever stop her greeting you with a smile.

The beating heart of Rebecca’s role at The Astley, as she describes herself, is “service”. In fact, she’ll tell you that “service is the most important thing” for herself and Zac; something that will make you not only feel special, but part of something unique too.

Don’t be shy of asking Rebecca for local food recommendations either. In the winter, you’ll be able to find the best latte and gateau in town; in the summer, meanwhile, it’s an ice cold pint with some nachos. We reckon we have our very own food critic here, you know!

At the end of the day, Rebecca sees herself and Zac as the glue that holds The Astley together. From the creative and diverse resident events to be part of, to making sure any problem you have is fixed at the double; this is one RSM who’ll go the extra mile for you.

After moving across from her native China in 2008, Rebecca is now a fully-fledged Mancunian; a creative spirit doing her utmost to keep the smile on all of our residents' faces.